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Isuzu D-MAX Overview

The new Isuzu UTE D-MAX is an award-winning ute with all the requirements you need to ride in comfort. Whether in the city or off-road, carrying gear or towing a load, heading up a hill or overtaking on the freeway, D-MAX is designed to deliver performance when you need it. The D-MAX is robust, reliable, dependable—but also refined. It has the spirit of a truck, wrapped in the skin of a ute.

Key Features

Go further, spend less

The D-MAX has a highly-efficient Isuzu diesel engine that uses the latest in technology to deliver precise fuel control. So it does more work and burns less fuel — saving you money.

Towing and carrying capacity

The D-MAX's powerful diesel engine is built for towing. It will pull trailers, boats and caravans up hill and down the highway without breaking a sweat.

Go where you want

With a wide stance and heavy duty suspension, you can drive the D-MAX into the toughest terrain. Whether you’re going off-road for work or for fun, D-MAX will get you there and back.

5 star safety

A 5-star safety rating on 4x4 Crew and 4x2 Crew High Ride models means you can drive knowing that your safety, and that of your passengers, is in great hands.